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Child Support Calculations in Oregon

Child support is an important part of any divorce or non-marital scenario in which children are involved. Children deserve to receive the appropriate amount of financial support from both parents. Sometimes, child support calculations need to be adjusted to account for changes in work or life circumstances. It’s important to ensure the appropriate balance is struck between the amount a parent is making in income, and the amount your child or children need to be properly cared for. The state of Oregon uses specific criteria as part of a child support calculator to determine the amount required. For a more insight into what types of information are taken into account in determining the appropriate amount of child support that’s required, please see the section below.

If you’re getting a divorce in Oregon, or it’s time for a modification of a prior ordered child support amount, you’ll want a skilled Family Law Attorney on your side. The Donahue Law Firm has the experience, compassion, and professionalism you need in order to ensure your children are properly supported and that you aren’t unfairly treated in the process. Schedule a consultation now.

What Factors are Considered in Making Child Support Calculations?

  • The amount each parent makes on a monthly basis (gross, or before expenses);
  • If any amount is each parent receiving in spousal support (from any person);
  • The amount of time each parent spends with the child or children;
  • Whether spousal support is owed by any parent to another person;
  • Are there any chid care costs?
  • The number of any non-joint children;
  • Health care expenses for joint children including the cost of health insurance and any out-of-pocket expenses.

Oregon Child Support

Bend Child Support Attorneys

The family law attorneys at the Donahue Law Firm can help you with modifications of a child support order.  Whether the other parent is not paying what they should, or if your order does not reflect your current financial circumstances and requires you to pay too much–we can help.  We can request to modify a child support order if it has been at least 3 years since the last order, or if there has been a substantial change in circumstances.  A substantial change in circumstances can include a change in employment, daycare availability, or a parenting plan.

Bend Child Support Attorneys

Child Support Calculations

While the concept of child support may seem simple and straight forward, in application it can become a sticking point for many separating parents.  Some people are under the impression child support can only be ordered when a couple was first married. However, a previous marriage is not required for an order of child support. While it can be ordered by courts in divorces, courts can also order child support where the parents were never married at all.  The Oregon Department of Justice has created guidelines to establish the presumptive amount of child support in every case.  Although the outcome of that calculation is the presumptive amount of Child Support, you can request a different result if it would be unjust or inappropriate to apply the presumptive amount to your particular case. The calculator used to follow those guidelines can be found here:

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If you are having trouble paying your child support obligation, or believe you are entitled to a larger amount to support your child, contact the experienced attorneys at the Donahue Law Firm, immediately.  Nonpayment of child support can result in severe consequences including financial penalties like garnishment of wages, or even loss of liberty like a suspension of your driver’s license, or jail time.

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